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IUTF Leinster Championships 2010

IUTF Leinster Championships March 2010 - Athlone, Co.Westmeath. Club Instructors Mr James Dwyer & Mr Paul Manning, along with students Niamh Brady & Gavin O'Brien took part in the competition. James got silver in Middle-weight Blackbelt Sparring and Paul got gold in Light-weight Blackbelt Sparring.  Niamh took home Bronze from light-weight Sparring and Gavin Silver Silver from Heavy-weight sparring.  Another great showing for the club. 


IUTF Munster Championships 2010

IUTF Munster Championships January 2010- Tralee, Co.Kerry

The first competition of 2010. Good result for the Club with nearly everyone who traveled placing in their sparring sections. Results: Paul-Black belt(Light)- Gold, Rekka -Green Belt - Gold, Donal- Blue belt (Heavy) - Bronze, Daniel- Blue belt (Heavy) - Silver.     

Taekwon-Do Ireland

Blackrock Taekwon-Do Championships 2010

Blackrock Taekwon-Do Championships 2010 was held on March 14th at the Club. It was a great success with 300 competitiors taking part. We would like to thank everyone that helped out on the day especially all the other Taekwon-Do Ireland Instructors & Examiners. Clubs/Associations that took part included Taekwon-Do Ireland, Irish United Taekwon-Do Federation , Taekwon-Do Alliance, UTI, Cobh TAE,  Cork Taekwon-Do Schools, Warrior Taekwon-Do, etc.. Many thanks too you all for your support.

Taekwon-do sparring
Taekwon-do sparring
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